Valley Women’s Hockey Club would like to recognise the many contributions our members make to our Club, and to show our appreciation we would like to offer the following discounts to those who help make our Club stronger and more successful in the hockey community. 


Volunteer Fee Discount - $50.00 per player per season.


This discount is available to every player within our club.  All you, or your family, has to do to receive this fee discount is to provide 3 hours assistance in one (or more) of the many categories listed on our Volunteer page.  Please visit our website (under Players/Volunteers) for details on how you can volunteer your time, and request a fee adjustment for this discount.  (this discount is designed to be reduced from a player’s fees, and is available as a once per player per season discount)


3 Junior Player Family Discount - $150.00 per family


A family who registers 3 junior players in any one season is entitled to a family discount of $150.00 for that playing season.  Please contact our Junior Secretary, Cathy Kraatz, to request the necessary fee adjustment.


Senior Casual 5 fixture games & Senior Casual 10 fixture games


If a Senior Turf, Masters or Senior Grass player chooses to play a reduced amount of games (CAS5 maximum of 5 fixture games or CAS10 maximum of 10 fixture games) in any one season then that player will be able to request a fee discount accordingly.  Please note, finals games are counted in the maximum games above.  If you intend on playing 5 or 10 games for this season then please register in your full time chosen category (Senior Turf, Masters or Senior Grass) and contact our Club Secretary Liz Lobb to request the necessary fee adjustment.  (Goal Keepers are not eligible for these playing categories)


Returning Goal Keeper Equipment Discount - $200.00


Fact – “We cannot play a game without a Goal Keeper!!!”  We value our Goal Keepers and we recognise that they need an enormous amount of equipment to perform this role.  We note that this equipment is expensive and needs to be repaired or replaced continuously to perform at its best.  This discount is offered to our “Returning Goal Keepers”, that is, those who provide their own gear at their own expense (ie played as a goal keeper with their own gear in 2017 then returned to us in 2018).  Those Goal Keepers will qualify for a $200.00 discount off their 2018 fees.  On the other hand, a player can borrow goal keeper equipment from our Club’s supplies if they choose to try-out or play in this position free of charge – in this instance, the discount is not applicable.  If you are a Returning Goal Keeper and you would like to apply for this discount, please contact our Club Treasurer Brenda Tempany to request the necessary fee adjustment.


Representative Player Fee Discount - $250.00


This discount is offered to a player who has been selected to play field hockey for our State (Queensland) or Nation (Australia) whether it be at Schoolgirl, Junior, Senior or Masters level.  We would like to celebrate and recognise those players who have been chosen at a representative level by reducing their fees for staying with us in the season following their representative roles.  That is, if a player is chosen at a state or national level in 2017, and they remain with VWHC in the 2018 season, then that player will be entitled to a $250.00 fee discount in the 2018 season in recognition of their valued contribution our Club.  The Club keeps records of its representative players and this discount will be applied automatically before full fees are due to be paid in the qualifying season.  (this discount is designed to be reduced from a player’s fees, and is available as a once per player per season discount)


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The Queensland Government provided $7,500 to Valley Women's Hockey Club under the Get Going Clubs program to train volunteers in governance, volunteer management, risk management, child protection, member protection and financial management and fraud protection practices to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.