All Clubs affiliated with BWHA have an obligation to provide appropriately skilled umpires at all levels in which the Club fields teams.  In 2017 we fielded 15 teams and so needed 15 umpires each week capable of umpiring U7 juniors to Division 1 seniors.  2018 will be a similar scenario.


$50.00 Fee Discount for Volunteer Umpires


We will happily accept help from Beginner Umpires right up to the highest level Badged Umpires.  We will be sure to place each umpire on a game that suits each individual, and if you are a beginner umpire, please rest assured that we will provide you with a mentor to walk you through every step.  Volunteers who wish to receive their $50.00 Fee Discount will be required to umpire 2 games.  (the Volunteer Discount is not applicable to Masters and Senior Grass players as these teams provide their own umpires).


Grass Umpires


If you are interested in umpiring a Junior Grass or Senior Grass game please contact Judy Hartnett by phone on 0403 211974 or by email at


Turf Umpires


If you are interested in umpiring a Junior Turf, Senior Turf, and/or a Masters Turf game please contact Liz Lobb on 0418 874812 or by email at


Summary of Umpire Payments


You must umpire at least 5 games to qualify for payment by Valley Women’s Hockey Club.  Once you umpire your 6th game then all games, including your first five games, will be paid as follows:

·           Badged Umpires (Turf) $20.00 per game.

·           Badged Umpires (Junior Grass) $10.00 per game.

·           An Umpire Mentor (must be badged) $10.00 per game.

·           If a Badged Umpire is carrying out their 2 Volunteer Fee Discount games then they will not be paid for those games, nor will those games count towards their first 5 games to qualify for payment. (these games can be listed with BWHA for any payments made by BWHA)

·           Non-badged Umpires (at any level) will not be entitled to payment however they will be mentored, supported and encouraged by VWHC to get their Community Badge.

·           Beginner Umpires who require a Mentor will not be paid (as the Mentor is paid for that game), except that they can qualify for the $50.00 Fee Discount by umpiring 2 games.


Please note that BWHA also pays all badged umpires on Senior Grass, Junior Turf, Senior Turf and Masters games.  Payment is made according to the badge level held.  Badged umpires are entirely responsible for making their own application to BWHA for any umpire payments that may be offered by BWHA.  See BWHA website for more information

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The Queensland Government provided $7,500 to Valley Women's Hockey Club under the Get Going Clubs program to train volunteers in governance, volunteer management, risk management, child protection, member protection and financial management and fraud protection practices to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.